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Friday, February 18, 2011

SPUDS update + apology

Bad news with a touch of cream cheese:

My dear SPUDS followers,

Sad news. The SPUDS cam is, sadly, still out of order. As such, so is our blogspot. Please consider this post an apology, and the formal statement from the SPUDS powers that be with regards to our inactivity. It is our sincere hope that the SPUDS cam, or a suitable replacement, will be put to work very shortly.

If you would prefer that SPUDS continue to post recipes, without photos, please let us know in the Comments section below; we do so love feedback! If you would rather SPUDS just post old photos taken from our (the royal "we") undergraduate education, like this cherry-oreo lava cheesecake with festive black rider, we would be happy to do so as well. Did I mention this cake caught fire? Trick candles, they'll get you ever time. Well... at least the plastic figurine was aflame for a while, and may I say it smoked liberally.

If you would rather we stuck to our normal routine of recipes and photos, please ask a wealthy blog benefactor to donate a camera to SPUDS. No doubt our harrowing story will be a source of inspiration: our camera broke; we can't afford to fix it.

In all this "what-are-we-going-to-do-we're-still-paying-on-our-loans" hubub, I almost forgot to share the good news: this spud is about to be a student again. Yes, a real student. Again.

With homework... and stuff.

And all-nighters...

Oh dear.

Love and black beans,
Fajita Bandita


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  2. Keep posting whatever you can as you can!
    ps~ most epic cake topper ever.