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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Grief It worked

The art of shameless self-publicity:

"Fried Eggs"

It figures that my proverbial pants would be down when it finally happened. Has it really been a week since the last recipe post?! Yikes! But where are my manners? Old friends say hello to our new friends :-) Four followers means we can celebrate, yes?!

Unfortunately, a yummy new celebratory recipe will have to wait until tomorrow seeing as how I was recently reminded of just how busy college students are. I'm taking an accelerated 6 credit class at a local University (ahem, for fun I told myself) and somehow it managed to swallow up all of this weeks allotted SPUDS time. Don't worry though, after the initial shock I've got it all under control again. Monday night, slaving away to a mountain of assignments I put off in a marathon of hubris, I had to ask myself "how did I do it all?" But, the class is only 4 weeks long and what better way to get back into the college mindset than to wander around a campus again! Four hours in those plastic seats never felt so good I can assure you.

Instead of a recipe tonight I'd like to give you a little preview of what we have to look forward to next month. We're diving headlong into the world of eggs, whites to yolks. Absurdly affordable, filling and amazingly versatile eggs provide the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and re-invent some classics. Also, considering the season let's take advantage of the affordable and copious seasonal fruits and equally copious opportunities to have friends over for drinks or a casual cookout. Now is the time to invest in the cheapest little hibachi you can find! Next months recipes will be a cornucopia of picnic and classic Sunday dinner inspired recipes that are easy to store, simple to make and perfect for your next excuse to, well, party!

Here's what I have in mind:
  • cupcakes! + easiest icings
  • boiled eggs three ways
  • chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
  • chicken nuggets, baked
  • mashed potatoes, variation on a theme
  • egg whites: easiest meringue(s)
  • technique: "hobo packs" oven to grill
  • easy dips and spreads
  • punches, coolers and frozen fruit
I promise, this weekend will be as delicious as it is felicitous!

See you soon,
-The Fajita Bandita

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