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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aboard the Fail Boat

Blueberry cake fail x2:

Is it May already? Can someone tell me where April went?

Regardless, that means I have been posting for three months. I would consider this an achievement but for two reasons: 1) my only followers are two very faithful past roommates and 2) I just botched todays "Blueberry cake" recipe twice! The first time I made a batch of buttermilk and added the whole cup instead of just a half. And while that poor little leprous cake is still in the oven things aren't going very smoothly. From what I can see Round 2 is suffering from scrambled eggs, despite my efforts to temper them before adding the warm milk. Maybe I didn't scald the milk and butter long enough...

I feel truly wasteful and dejected. As if pouring the watery batter down the drain wasn't enough punishment now I have to watch 4 ounces of sweet, glossy blueberries go to waste. Did I mention they aren't cheap, despite the warm weather? But that gives me time to present my aims for Spuds during the month of May!

After reviewing the previous recipes I have broken them down into techniques and categories we can improve on (together probably considering my recent failures). Here's what I have in mind:

  1. Press in cookie crusts - BB (Basic Baking)
  2. Simple layer cake icings - BB
  3. Chilled cookie doughs- BB
  4. Basic Bechamel - ST (Stove Top)
  5. Sauteing - ST
  6. Eggs outside the frying pan - BB
  7. Scratch pancakes - ST
  8. Easy Party Nosh - Apps (Appetizers)
So that is where we are going these days. Oh and did you take the quiz yet? I'm tempted to start posting grocery lists too but you're going to have convince me! I have 8-10 recipes in mind and hopefully all of them will go smoothly...

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