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Saturday, May 7, 2011

SPUDS: Update & Farewell

As summer quickly approaches we prepare for a metamorphosis. Many of us will graduate and move into the working world, some of us will fall into the comfortable bosom of summer vacation and a few of us will return to the esteemed world of higher education. And through it all, SPUDS will see a significant transformation as well.

Due to extenuating academic circumstances (my impending enrollment in graduate school) May will be SPUDS last month as an active recipe blog hosted by the Fajita Bandita. Even as a tiny tuber, SPUDS was conceived with the purpose of being a project blog - a virtual test kitchen. Since the blogs inception back in March 2010 SPUDS has grown in many ways.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you will agree that SPUDS has come a long way since our first post:

But it is my personal hope to see SPUDS truly take root and find itself not as an interest entity, but as a virtual knowledge source for cooking and baking. September 2011 is the projected launch date of a new privately owned site showcasing the next phase in the SPUDS evolution. In some ways things will look very much like the old SPUDS. But, after months of broken and borrowed cameras and transplanted kitchens I look forward to settling down and getting the chance to acquire newer and better tools, assessing the past year and realigning my goals with my original intention: a cookbook with an angle for affordable recipes with a sleek and youthful interpretation.

So with that teaser I leave you to enjoy the month of May, it's brilliant recipes and your impending vacations. The SPUDS page will remain available for your recipe browsing pleasure - please continue to post comments and ask questions! I will be monitoring the page for new comments and doing my best to answer your questions. There will probably be the occasional update, but I will not be posting new recipes weekly. During the next two months I will be editing and restyling the recipes, providing better tags and photos and reorganizing the site to make it more navigable. As always, your insight and suggestions are always appreciated.

Thank you for your kind patronage!
Fond regards and best wishes for a delicious spring!
-Fajita B.

-May Recipes-

1. Avocado-Bacon Breakfast "Toasties"
2. Salmon Sandwiches
3. Strawberry Shortcakes
4. White Bean Crostini with Olives

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