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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Update: A Student Friendly Harvest

Thanks Kate for letting me take a photo of your fridge!

Happy November SPUDS followers,

Delivery, again? Don't waste the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best, and easiest, recipes the season has to offer! It's happening, and we can't stop it: the holidays are here, and chocolate turkeys, foil pumpkins and smatterings of red and green ribbon abound as far as the eye can see. But, just because food icons across the country are preparing complicated menus for 12 doesn't mean penny-pinching college students can't enjoy a harvest potluck with friends. A neighboring college apartment held an annual Thanksgiving dinner, and when I say thanksgiving dinner I mean the whole kit and kaboodle: turkey, stuffing, macaroni & cheese etc etc. But, whether you are the host or just a humble guest, SPUDS can supply you with everything you need for an affordable, easy to do and delicious harvest menu, no matter where you're going. How, you ask?

  1. SPUDS recipes for the month of November will feature inexpensive, easy to find ingredients.

  2. Each recipe will have a "feature" ingredient prepared two different ways (that's two recipes per post!)

  3. Great tips on flawless techniques for homemade pie crusts, from-scratch gravy, and how-to's for roasting chickens and turkeys.

  4. Vegetarian options and substitutions.

  5. Food safe travel tips, helpful tools and ideas for leftovers.

November Feature Ingredients:
Red Grapes
Canned Pumpkin

Don't forget: Have an idea for a recipe you'd like to see on SPUDS? Are Grandma's famous Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes a no-fail favorite at the dinner table? Post or message your recipes to the SPUDS fanpage.

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